3 Mistakes To Make Sure You Avoid When Hanging A Pre-Hung Door

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If you want to hang a pre-hung door, you may think that the process is simple and straightforward because the doorjamb is already attached. However, it can be very easy to make mistakes during installation. Here are some mistakes to be sure to avoid.

Not Using Shims

Shims are the small wood pieces that may have come with the door. A lot of people just ignore the shims, because they're not sure what they are or what they're used for.  Shims can be extremely helpful when hanging a door because they compensate for any space between the door and the opening you've made for it.

You may have measured the wall opening a number of times, but there still may be a small space between it and your pre-hung door. Shims serve to fill that space so that the door doesn't move or shift about when it is opened and closed.

Take care to nail shims in place wherever there are gaps between the door and the wall opening; don't worry about their appearance, as they can be trimmed and will be covered when the door frame is in place.

Not Making Sure The Door Jamb Fits

A door jamb is a side of a door frame. With a pre-hung door, it is already attached to the door. However, it is important that the jamb lies perfectly flush with the walls around the door. If not, the door won't hang properly. 

If the jamb is not flush because it sinks into the door opening, you need to use a jamb extension. You can either make your own out of wood after measuring the space that you need to fill or purchase a jamb extension kit that will have precut pieces.

If the door jamb protrudes too far out from the wall, it has to be cut down with a power planer. However, if this is necessary, plane the jamb little by little. Don't do too much at once, because then you'll have the opposite problem and need an extension.

Not Countersinking Nails

If you don't want to have problems opening and shutting your door, you can't have nail heads sticking out of the wall everywhere. Go the extra mile and countersink nail heads with a nail set.

A nail set is a tool that allows you to make a slightly bigger hole around the nail so that the head of the nail can sink deeper until it is flush with the surface. You can then cover the nails with putty for a smooth finish. Countersinking the nails will also make the door more secure.

Now that you know what to avoid doing, use the information in this article to help you hang your pre-hung door. If you are still having a problem or want to be certain that the door is hung properly, consult a local contractor who can use their experience to securely install your door. One company that might be able to meet your needs is Welty Custom Exteriors, Inc.