Easy Tips To Help You Protect Your Custom Built Wood Table

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A custom built wood dining table can add a high-level of sophistication and style to your dining space, while still serving as a highly-functional surface. However, protecting your custom piece will take some effort on your part. Here are just some of the things you can do to protect your custom wood dining table.  

Use Protective Pads

It's a good idea to always use place mats, coasters or trivets when placing dishes on your table. This is important for two reasons. First, the abrasive bottoms on some dishes, especially ceramic dishes, can scratch the surface of the table. Secondly, dishes that are very hot can melt the varnish off the table.

When choosing a protective pad, like a coaster or place mat, make sure you are choosing selections that have polyester or rayon on their underside. Protective pads that have plastic or other materials on their underside can actually scratch and damage your table.

Ensure Proper Placement

Be mindful of the location where you place your custom built wood dining table. It's generally best to avoid placing your wood table anywhere near direct sunlight, such as near a window. Overtime, direct sunlight can lead to discoloration of the wood. Direct sunlight can also deteriorate the finish on your table.

As the finish starts to degrade, this makes the wood more susceptible to cracking and swelling. Both of these problems are generally unrepairable and will require you to replace the table. If you have to place the table near a window, make certain you have window coverings installed.

Clean Often

Protecting your wood table also requires you to clean your table frequently. Although most people at least wipe down their table every day, you need to ensure you are performing a thorough cleaning of your table after every use. In addition to the foods and beverages you eat, wood surfaces are also subject to damage from the skin conditioners you use, like lotion and even the oils naturally found in your skin.

If you don't wipe this buildup away every day, these oils can stain your table and cause unattractive light spots. Make certain you are using a wood safe cleaner with oil removing qualities. Water can also have the same effect so make sure you are wiping away any spills right away.

How much effort you put into protecting your custom wood table will have a direct reflection on its condition. Make sure you are working hard to protect your custom table.

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