Five Good Reasons To Choose An Awning For Your Porch Or Patio

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Having a place where you can relax and/or entertain outdoors is one of the joys of warm weather season. However, rain storms and extreme heat can limit the number of days you can take advantage of your outdoor living space. One way to extend your patio days is to invest in an aluminum patio awning. These permanent covers help keep the bad weather at bay. But protecting your patio from the elements is just one of many good reasons to add an awning to your backyard entertainment area.

Benefits of patio awnings

1. An awning will help to keep your patio cool. By shading your patio, you can lower the temperature in this area dramatically, making it more comfortable to use your patio to enjoy a glass of wine, sip your morning coffee and/or watch the sunset with friends.

2. An awning will protect you and your guests from inclement weather. An awning will also help to protect you from rain and wind, allowing you to enjoy your patio on stormy days when you'd otherwise be forced to remain indoors.

3. An awning can help to reduce your cooling bills. An awning will help to keep your indoor living spaces cooler, also. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, an aluminum awning can reduce the heat gain from the sun's UV rays by up to 77 percent. They concluded that the energy savings from that reduction could be as much as 25 percent. Reducing the amount of the sun's rays that penetrate your home will also keep fading to a minimum.

4. An awning can extend the life of your patio. By shielding your patio from the elements, an awning can help your patio last longer. Concrete patios won't crack as much when protected, and wooden decks won't be as prone to rot or mildew. Plus, an awning doesn't just protect your patio, it can help to keep your patio furniture from aging prematurely.

5. A patio awning is durable. Most patio awnings come with a lifetime guarantee. In addition, there is little maintenance required to keep your aluminum awning looking beautiful for years to come.

While an awning might not be the right answer to every homeowner with a porch or patio, an awning can help keep your outdoor living area cooler and more enjoyable, help protect against stormy weather and even help to lower your summer cooling bills.

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