3 Tips To Maximize The Benefits Of White Roof Coatings

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One of the methods of increasing your roof's energy efficiency is to give it a white coating. The white coating does this by reflecting solar radiation and keeping your roof (and thus the rooms beneath it) cool. A further advantage of this is that the roofing materials do not deteriorate or age as fast as they would without the coating. Here are four tips that will help you to maximize the benefits of a white coating:

Use the Right Application Method

Roof coatings have to be applied in specific ways. The common ones include using brushes, rollers or spraying the coatings directly onto the roof. Therefore, before you begin, you need to have the right application tool such as a roller or a paint sprayer. It's also best to stick to the manufacturer's recommendations on the number of layers to apply if you wish your coating to last a long time.

Choose a Coating Compatible with Your Roof

Roof coatings are available in different varieties targeted at different materials. For example, there are coatings that work best on rubber, metal and modified bitumen roofs. Using the wrong coating means the coating will not adhere to the roof material as well as it should, and you may have to repeat the whole project soon after. 

For example, urethane and polyurea coatings are suitable for metal roofs. Most coatings can work on different types of roofs, but it's always best to go with the best material possible. Therefore, even if you wish to buy and apply a roof coating on your own, it is wise to get a contractor's advice and recommendation first.

Prepare the Surface Well

The only way your roof coating is going to stick properly is if you prepare and prime the surface of the roof before application.  Clean the roof thoroughly to rid it of dirt and other materials/debris that may hinder the adhesion of the coating. Also, let the roof surface dry properly since most coatings do not stick well if applied over moist surfaces. Depending on the manufacturer's advice, you may need a primer to help the coating soak deep into the roof material and increase its longevity.

It's a lot of work for those who don't have roofing experience. However, cutting corners will cost you more in the long run when your coating doesn't last as long as it should. Ideally, it is a project best managed by professional roof contractors like Skerlec Contracting.