The Best Home Renovation Projects For A Fixer-Upper

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If you have recently moved into a fixer-upper, you might be daunted by the amount of work that you will have put into your new home. There are a few projects that can immediately help your home look updated and be more functional. Here are four remodeling projects that you should tackle right away in your fixer-upper.

1. Removing the Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn ceiling can date your home quickly, but doesn't need to stick around. It is important to have a contractor come out and test your ceiling before you try to shave off your popcorn ceiling yourself. If there is asbestos lurking, you can hire on professionals to remove this safely. If you bring in experts for removal, the good thing is this project can be done quickly depending on the size of your home.

2. Replacing Appliances for Energy Efficiency

A great way to lower your energy bill and upgrade your home's use is by replacing appliances. You might even be able to apply for rebates or tax deductions. Don't forget lighting. If your home is full of ceiling or track lighting, replacing bulbs out with energy efficient lighting will get your energy costs down and will be better for the environment.

3. A Fresh Coat of Paint

You have purchased a fixer-upper that has dated wallpaper or peeling paint, an overhaul is in order. You can now make this your own with a fresh look and a personalized color scheme. Bring in a color consultant if you are at a loss on how to use paint colors together and to pick out the right shades for accent walls. A good trick is to paint ceilings lighter than walls to open your space.

4. Redoing Flooring

While you may be tempted to start in on a major kitchen or bathroom overhaul, flooring might be a better place to start if you are on a limited budget. Getting up old carpet and putting in fresh carpeting, tile or wooden flooring can immediately freshen up your home. If there are lingering smells or the existing wall-to-wall carpeting is worn down and dated, a fresh flooring option can immediately transform your home.

Depending on the scope of your project, you may want to call in a contractor to help guide you through the process or to take on larger remodeling projects. In the long run, updating your older home with give this a fresh look and will make this more livable. Getting to work on your fixer-upper will be rewarding and worth the effort. For more information, contact Alleva Construction or a similar company.