How To Keep A New Replacement Shower Door Streak-Free

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It can take a lot of work to make sure that your shower glass doors remain spotless. The entire point of having glass doors in the first place is often the aesthetic, so it makes sense to put in extra effort to make sure it remains clean from water streaking. Here are some unusual approaches for keeping your replacement glass doors free of streaks.

Anti-Rain Car Treatment

Believe it or not, apparently products that have a stated purpose of keeping your car windshield free of rain and other precipitation also work well on shower glass. The treatment products often work by decreasing the tendency for substances such as water to adhere to the surface of the glass. As a result, the glass will cause water to bead and then come off the glass instead of streaking or sticking there.

Distilled Water

If you want to clean off shower glass in order to rid it of soap scum or whatever else, you're obviously going to risk streaking the glass when you do that. One approach to avoid this is to use distilled water when you clean. Water from the tap can often have minerals and other contaminants in it that can cause build up and streaks on your glass doors.

But, if you buy distilled water from the store, then all you get is pure water without the minerals. This way, you won't have to worry about there being anything extra in the water. Obviously, you may not want to use this every single time since distilled water costs a bit extra, but if you're going for absolutely perfect glass, it's often one of your best bets.


Another unusual approach you can use is going with a combination of vinegar and water. You'll want 1 part to 1 part, an exact even split, in order to get the most function out of it. Vinegar is highly inexpensive so it's a good choice for if you have to do constant cleaning. The only issue that people have with it sometimes is the faint odor, so if you combine it with an odor eater in the room, this will combine well.

Overall, it's often the unusual approaches that are going to work the best once you've tried everything else. They can prevent you from wanting to smash up your shower glass door because that one streak just won't come off and you don't want to go back to the store. Talk to your shower installer, like Marble Works of Minnesota, for more help.