Learn What Steps A Concrete Contractor Will Take To Remove The Concrete Floor From Your Basement

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If you want to turn your basement into additional living space in your home, it is important to realize that the flooring in the basement may need to be renovated to create the living space. The flooring will more than likely be made from concrete and may need to be removed so that new flooring can be added to the space and so that all piping that needs to be run to the basement can be added with ease. The guide below walks you through the steps a concrete contractor will take to remove the old flooring from your home.

Take Measurements

The first thing that the contractor will do is take measurements of different areas within the home. The concrete will need to be removed from the space, and being able to keep the pieces as large as possible will cut down on the amount of time it takes to remove the concrete from your home. The contractor will measure the doorways and stairwell leading to the basement to determine how small the concrete pieces need to be.

Measure and Mark the Concrete

Next, the contractor will measure the floor and mark it at the exact places where it needs to be cut. He or she will more than likely use a chalk line to create the marks on the floor so that they can easily know where to guide the concrete saw to ensure that the slabs are cut to a manageable size.

Cut the Concrete

The contractor will then use a concrete saw to cut the concrete. When using a concrete saw, water must be used in order for the saw to work properly. The contractor may connect a hose to a spout in or around your home to ensure he or she has a constant water supply to use while cutting the concrete.

Dispose of the Concrete

Once the concrete has been cut, the contractor will then work with his or her workers to haul the concrete out of the house and into a dump trailer. Some of the concrete will break into smaller pieces because the edges may break apart as the concrete is lifted from the floor of the basement.

Once all of the concrete is removed, the contractor will dispose of it. Your building contractor will then be able to work on the plumbing, electrical, and then start building the frame for the floor. Once the frame is created, the new flooring can be laid right away.

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