Remodeling Your Kitchen? Tips For Avoiding Four Common Budget Shortfalls

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One of the biggest challenges of a kitchen remodel is making sure that you stay within your construction budget. If you're planning a remodel in the near future, the planning stages are key to avoiding many of the unexpected expenses. Here's a look at some of the most common reasons why a kitchen remodel might go over budget and some tips to help you avoid them.

Structural Problems

One of the most common reasons that kitchen renovations go over budget is due to structural issues discovered during the remodel itself. Some of the most common problems include things like rotting structural beams, pest infestations, and wiring or plumbing that's not up to code. You may even discover problems with things like lead paint and asbestos.

Appliance Cost

When you're remodeling your kitchen, buying new appliances is an exciting part of the process. Unfortunately, many people underestimate the cost of those appliances. That often leads to exceeding your remodeling budget, and sometimes the expense can be significant. With so many modern appliances being internet and smart-home ready, the costs are sometimes well beyond what you might expect. Make sure that you explore all of the model options before you commit to a budget so that you can minimize the risk of overspending on your appliances.

Additional Upgrades

Whether during the planning stages or in the midst of the construction, there are often opportunities to opt for various upgrades in either materials or features. If you don't account for space in your remodeling budget for these potential add-ons, you'll quickly find yourself running out of project funding before the renovation is complete. Make sure that you not only allow for some extra money in the budget but also keep careful track of any upgrades that you do select so that you can monitor the effect on your available cash. It may also be helpful to stay practical about which upgrades are the most important to you. If you've got your heart set on marble backsplashes but don't have a lot of upgrade money left, skip something less important to you so that you get the finished product you really value.

Changes In Mid-Construction

Once the plans have been completed and the work started, it can be costly to change your mind part-way through. Even something as simple as changing a color of paint can alter the total budget because you may have already invested in the original paint color and will now have to buy all new paint. Depending on what kind of color change you're making, you may even have to buy new primer to cover the old paint. Make sure that the plans are final before you start construction to avoid problems like this.

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