4 Top Factors To Think About When Replacing Your Siding

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The siding on your home not only greatly impacts the curb appeal of your home, it also helps protect your home from the elements and helps keep your home well insulated. When you need to replace the siding on your home, you need to consider the efficiency of the new siding, the necessary maintenance to take care of the siding, the visual appeal of the siding, and your budget.  

Siding Factor #1: Energy Efficiency

When you replace the siding on your home, one of the top factors that you should consider is how energy efficient the siding is. You want to replace your home with siding that will increase the energy efficiency of your home. Energy efficiency is not just a buzz-word—it refers to the insulation properties of the material that you install on your home. Siding with higher-quality insulation will make it easier to regulate the temperatures inside of your home and will help you save money on your heating costs over the long term.  

Siding Factor #2: Necessary Maintenance

Next, you need to consider how much maintenance the siding will need over time, and how much you are willing to do. For example, wood siding will need to be sanded down and refinished every few years. Vinyl siding, on the other hand, just needs to be pressure washed about once a year, and if any boards get lose, they will need to be reattached and secured to your home. Brick siding can be really sturdy, but if the brick siding breaks down, you may need to call in a masonry for assistance. 

Choose a siding that has a maintenance load that you can afford, both time-wise and money-wise. 

Siding Factor #3: Visual Appeal

Third, there is no denying that the visual appeal of the siding you choose is important. You want to choose a siding material that you like to look at. The siding on your home covers the outside of your home and impacts how others see your home and how you will see your home as well. You want to choose siding that you enjoy looking at and that matches and looks good in your neighborhood. 

Siding Factor #4: Budget

Finally, your budget is important. You need to think about the short-term costs of the siding, such as the cost to purchase and install the siding, and the long-term costs, such as maintenance and service needs. You also need to consider how long the siding will last and when it will need to be replaced. The ticket price for installing the siding doesn't tell the entire story, you need to consider the lifetime cost of the siding you choose to install on your home.  

Reach out to a local siding services company for more information.