What Are the Different Types of Septic Systems?

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Whether you have recently moved into a home with a septic system or you are still considering a new septic system for your home, you might wonder what the different options are. If you are still wondering what types of systems are available for installation or already in your current home, you may have some questions.

These are the different types of septic systems you might consider or the types of systems you might already have.

1. Gravity Systems

Many homes use gravity septic systems. These systems let gravity drain material into different trenches underground. These systems work by placing the drain field below the septic tank. This is a traditional kind of system that may be affordable but is not necessarily the best option for every home.

2. Pressure Distribution Systems

Pressure distribution systems are often installed when the septic tank sits a bit more shallow in the dirt. The system is very similar to the gravity system but does use a pump to provide some additional pressure. Pressure distribution systems are also very basic, but the use of pressurized pipes can make the septic system more efficient.

3. Sand Filter Systems

Sand filter systems use pumps to send pressurized material from the septic tank to a box underground. The box is full of sand and rock. The material spreads over the sand and then filters through it. Everything filtered collects in a sump tank, and then a pump will send the clean material for additional treatment and dispersion.

4. Sand Mount Systems

Like other options, sand mound systems are great for shallow soil. The drain field will contain sand fill and a gravel bed. Pressurized pipes pump the material through pipes to distribute it over the bed of sand and gravel. The material is treated before it moves down to the soil. A small mound that is part of the system is part of the advantage this system offers.

5. Textile Filter Systems

Textile filters are very similar to other options that involve sand, but it does not use sand. The material it uses instead of sand is easy to replace. Another benefit is that these types of systems are considered more environmentally friendly than sand filter setups.

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