A Gardener's Dream: How To Design The Perfect Potting Shed

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If you love to garden and have been dreaming of having your own potting shed, you are not alone. Often coveted in the world of gardening, a potting shed can make garden life easier whether you are starting seedlings or longing for a place to keep all your garden tools in one place. Plan your perfect design ideas and share them with your local general contractor, and in no time at all, you can have a great potting shed that is the envy of all your gardening friends.

Combine a greenhouse and potting shed

Why stop at just a potting shed when you can have a beautiful greenhouse too? Adding a greenhouse onto one side of your potting shed will make it easy to start plants and get your gardening season off to a great start. The addition of greenhouse windows will also add beauty and style to your potting shed design.

Add plenty of shelves

Having lots of shelves included in your potting shed design is important, and you can never have too many. Shelves can be used for storing flowerpots, small garden tools, gloves, etc. Floor-to-ceiling shelves will maximize the space in your potting shed, and you can have a ladder added to make it easy to reach items on higher shelves.

Build a perfect potting bench

The highlight of all potting sheds is the highly coveted potting bench. Ask your general contractor to allow plenty of space to design a potting bench to make all your gardening tasks easier. To add a charming look to the building, have the potting bench built outside the shed with a roof over it to provide shelter in inclement weather.

Add a place to relax

Every gardener needs a place to escape from the cares of the world and indulge in reading the latest gardening catalogs. Ask your general contractor to build you an additional small section in your potting shed to place a comfortable chair and a small table. A great potting shed can double as a man cave or a she shed for relaxation and a spot to get away from it all.

Now is the perfect time to design a potting shed and have your local general contractor build it so it is ready for the next gardening season in the spring. Having all your essential items in one place will make it easy to manage your gardening chores, and your potting shed is sure to become your very own happy place.