Remodeling Projects You Didn't Realize Could Be Eco-Friendly

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You've probably heard that weatherproofing your doors and windows can be an eco-friendly move because it helps save heating and cooling energy. You may have heard about the environmental benefits of remodeling with a cool roof or energy-efficient appliances, too. But some remodels require more subtlety when you want to go green.

Here are a few types of remodels you may not realize could be eco-friendly.

1. Floor Upgrades

If your floor is old and worn-out or if it's simply made of linoleum or laminate, you may want to upgrade to a more permanent and elegant flooring solution. However, if you're interested in eco-friendliness, your contractor can help you find a variety of flooring types that are very low-impact.

For instance, you could use flooring made of reclaimed wood from old growth trees. This type of wood is extremely high-quality and may have decades of use in it still, plus it can fit with a variety of design aesthetics from farmhouse to cottage chic to minimalistic. Another lower-impact flooring material is bamboo, which grows faster than trees and requires little processing.

2. Finishing an Attic or Basement

If your remodel involves taking an unfinished space and turning it into a living area or bedroom, you'll have many opportunities to go green. Talk to your contractor about green options for not just the flooring material but also:

Many such eco-friendly alternatives exist for building materials that would traditionally be resource-heavy or otherwise suboptimal for green living. Your contractor can help you find the materials that will work for your vision and still meet the price points and perform the functions you need them to.

4. Updating the Bathroom

Whether you're looking to create your own personal spa or just want to add home value before selling, a bathroom upgrade is a common type of remodel that can also be an eco-friendly one. A few ways you can make your bathroom update eco-friendly include:

Your contractor may have additional ideas to make the upgrade more eco-friendly, depending on how extensive your remodel will be.

These are just a few types of home remodels that you can make more eco-friendly without too much effort. Talk to your general contractor today about making your next remodel easier on the environment.