When To Get Air Conditioning Services So You Can Avoid An AC Breakdown

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When you have an annual AC tune-up, you don't have to worry about what needs to be done for your air conditioner to operate properly since the AC technician handles all of the details. However, you might need additional air conditioning services throughout the summer to repair a breakdown or diagnose a problem with your equipment. Here's when you might need to call an air conditioning service for help and why you don't want to put off making the call.

Signs You Should Call An AC Repair Service

If your air conditioner sounds odd or runs longer or shorter than usual, it's a good idea to have an air conditioning repair service take a look at your condenser and air handler to figure out the problem. If your AC runs all day without shutting down until it cools off at night, the problem might be low refrigerant. You'll want to know about a low refrigerant problem because the issue will probably get worse as time goes on. It's better to have repairs done promptly.

If the condenser outside turns on, but there is no air coming from the registers, then the problem could be a bad fan motor in the air handler. When the blower doesn't work, cool air won't circulate through your house. When parts go bad in the air conditioner, the equipment could overheat and cause a breakdown. The equipment might also make strange noises, and that's why you should call for air conditioning services to be done as soon as you can when your AC is malfunctioning.

Your air conditioner needs the thermostat, ducts, air handler, and condenser to all be operational and in good shape to put out cool air efficiently. A problem with any of these parts can cause your house to get warm and stuffy. Repairs might be quick and simple, but sometimes, the repair technician needs to spend time troubleshooting the equipment to find the source of the problem.

Why Quick Repairs Are Needed

Putting off AC repairs can cause other parts of the AC to malfunction or fail. If this happens to the compressor, you'll be facing expensive repairs. Plus, an AC that isn't operating optimally won't cool down your house and you'll be hot and miserable until a repair technician arrives.

Avoiding a serious malfunction or breakdown during the summer is important for your convenience and safety. The best way to keep your AC operating properly is to take advantage of air conditioning services that allow maintenance, cleaning, and repairs to be done in a timely manner.