4 Signs A Water Filtration System Needs To Be Upgraded

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Water filtration systems can make a huge difference in terms of safety and practical needs. However, you may find your system is lacking and in need of some upgrades. Water filtration services often look for these four issues when customers are worried they may need to improve their systems.

Lack of Water Pressure or Flow

If you've ruled out other sources of low water pressure, you might need to consider whether your filters are providing sufficient throughput. This is particularly important if you need filtration to prevent problems with a hot water heater or washing machine. Such systems usually require certain levels of flow to work at peak efficiency, and you may need to up your home's filtration game to meet those needs.

Filters Solved One Problem but Revealed Another

You have finished a filtration project. Even better, you're ready to test the quality of the solution. Further, the solution has addressed the problem that led you to install filtration in the first place.

However, you've now noticed a new problem. Suppose you added water filtration systems to address cloudy water. However, once you treat that problem, you notice there is still salt or mineralization present. You may need to upgrade the setup to something that can deal with multiple problems simultaneously.

Going Through Consumables

Many types of water filtration systems require consumables. These are usually tubes or membranes containing filtering materials. For example, a system might use a tube with activated charcoal inside to treat certain types of chlorination issues.

When the installer put in the system, they likely told you how often you'll need to replace the consumables. However, you might find this estimate doesn't remotely match the current rate of consumption. You may need an upgraded solution.

Notably, working solutions can stop doing the job for plenty of reasons. Your municipality might have changed its water treatment process, for example. Similarly, all water filtration systems will age and eventually become less efficient and effective. For that matter, your usage may change and exceed the throughput of the current setup. In any of those instances, the right move is to ask a water filtration services company to provide a bigger solution.

Noisy Pipes, Faucets, Toilets, or Showerheads

Sometimes, the signs of trouble become evident at the endpoints. You might notice the showerhead is noisy after you start or end a shower, for example. One potential source of trouble is a mismatch between the filtration setup and your household needs. An upgrade will usually solve the problem.

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